Combining mortgages

What's the right mortgage for me?

The right mix of short- and long-term mortgages is key to the worry-free, long-term enjoyment of your home.

When combining mortgages, the entire mortgage amount is divided up into several tranches, which are composed of different mortgage types and terms. In this way, you can better distribute the interest risk. You can choose the size of the tranches yourself (for example, 50:50 or 20:80)

Whenever possible, we recommend combining different mortgage products and mortgage terms. In this way, you can better distribute the risks. The basic choice is between fixed-rate mortgages and SARON mortgages:

Fixed-rate mortgage: With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate stays constant for the full term. This makes it easier to plan and you protect yourself against rising interest rates. However, you won't benefit if interest rates go down.

SARON mortgage: In the case of a SARON mortgage, you accept interest volatility but benefit if interest rates are low or falling. Compared to a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate for a SARON mortgage is generally lower.

In consultation with you, we analyze your financial situation, risk tolerance and level of interest in the money market.

  • Risk tolerance: How comfortable am I with interest volatility?
  • Financial flexibility: How high is my budget?
  • Interest in the financial market: How actively do I follow movements in interest rate?

Based on your situation, we define your mortgage profile and come up with a suitable combination of mortgages.

The level of mortgage interest depends on developments in the money and capital markets.
We evaluate the situation and development of interest rates by regularly analyzing the market. This expertise pays off, as the acquisition of a home is typically planned over longer periods of time.

What will happen to interest rates?

Our interest rate forecast keeps you up to date with the current interest rates and how they're likely to change – free of charge by email.

Video guide

Which mortgage is right for me?

In this short video guide, our experts explain the essentials about combining several mortgages.

We’ll help you find the right mortgage

  • Verification of the purchase price based on reference properties and location
  • Comprehensive information on the municipality, price level and tax rate       
  • Development of the perfect financing strategy for you
  • On request: mortgage decisions within 24 hours

Our experts are here for you – we look forward to speaking with you.

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