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The benefits of regular investing at a glance

  • You can balance out volatility in the value of stocks and other investments by staggering your investments over time.
  • In this way, you benefit from what is called the cost average effect.
  • By investing just CHF 50 every month by standing order, you will benefit from this effect, and do not really have to give it any more thought than that. UBS key4 smart investing makes this easy.

The perfect time in theory

The best time to buy shares would be when prices are at their lowest. After that, they go up in value. The moment they reach their record high, you sell them at a profit. Unfortunately, the market is not that simple. No one can predict when the lowest price will be reached, nor the highest.

If you try catching the ideal moment, you will invariably play catch up and lose. Even the most experienced investors are clear about the chances: guessing the perfect time is impossible.

The perfect time in practice

Since there is no such thing as the perfect time, you can actually start investing any time. Ideally today, so you can hold your investment for as long as possible and generate maximum returns.

A related tip: Since you cannot know what tomorrow brings, you should not invest all of your assets in one go, but rather in smaller amounts on a regular basis. This is easy to do with investment funds, which not only bundle diverse investments, but also allow them to be small. And solutions such as UBS key4 smart investing – designed to do just that – make this even easier.

Regularly invest as much as you want

This is easy with UBS key4 smart investing: you can adjust the amount, frequency and desired duration at any time.

Easily arrange a personal consultation online

How often should I pay into my investment? And how much should I invest? We will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the initial steps.