Ordering UBS Global Card

Our UBS Global Credit and Prepaid Cards let you pay abroad and in foreign online stores without processing charges and at attractive exchange rates (Mastercard®-rate plus 0.5%)*. Pay with any currency at any time.

For E-Banking users

Replace your current UBS credit or prepaid card directly online in UBS E-Banking.

For UBS Mobile Banking App users

  1. Log into the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Navigate to “Settings > Settings & security > Cards > Manage cards” and select the appropriate card.
  3. Select “Replace with UBS Global.” If a card cannot be converted, you will be notified.

UBS client without a card

Are you a UBS client, but don’t have a UBS credit or prepaid card yet?

Don't have a UBS Banking Package yet?

Open your UBS Banking Package with UBS Global Credit or Prepaid Card.

The following conditions must be met before ordering via Digital Banking:

  • You are domiciled in Switzerland
  • You hold both a Digital Banking contract and a card account

If not, please contact the hotline.

It is only possible to convert to a UBS Global Card from a UBS main or partner card in CHF. Partner cards may only be converted once the main card has been converted and processed (after one working day). Additional cards remain in place after the conversion.

Note: The UBS Platinum Credit Card in Digital Banking will lead you to a web form which allows you to order an additional UBS Global Premium Card. Your main card will not be converted.

If you do not want to convert your main card, you may order an additional UBS Global Prepaid Card in E-Banking.

  1. Log into E-Banking.
  2. Navigate to “Products > Cards > UBS Global Prepaid Card.”
  3. Click on “Apply” and follow the instructions.

Follow the same process if you would like to order a UBS Global Credit Card or Prepaid Card but do not currently have a standard card.

Prices in the banking package

If you chose one of the UBS Global Cards in the banking package, it could be subject to a small monthly fee. The exact prices can be found in the overview below.

Practical: if you want, you can also pay this fee with KeyClub points (more information).



Monthly fee

Monthly fee


Global Prepaid

Global Standard

Global Premium

Young people



Not available




Not available

Young professionals



CHF 31




CHF 61

Cross-border commuters

Not available

Not available

Not available

Families and couples


CHF 10 (Partner card included)

CHF 101 (Partner card included)

1 In addition to the Gold price (CHF 8 per month)

If you opt for UBS Global Standard or UBS Global Premium, you can order two additional UBS Global Prepaid Cards free of charge (or swap your existing Prepaid Cards).

Good to know: holders of a UBS Platinum Credit Cards receive the UBS Global Cards free of charge.

Switch sooner, profit for longer: we will waive the monthly fee in your banking package until the end of 2020.

Would you like to benefit from a UBS Global card even without a banking package? All information and prices can be found here