The right way to use your credit card abroad

Pay in the local currency with your credit or prepaid card

Credit or prepaid cards let you pay simply and securely all around the world. Our tip: if you can, choose the option to pay in the local currency when you’re abroad.

Pay in local currency: in shops abroad or online shops

In online shops or abroad, you can often choose the currency you want to pay in. Card transactions in the retailer’s local currency are generally cheaper. So ask for your card to be charged in the respective local currency. That way you’ll avoid potential extra costs.

When you pay in the local currency, you’ll see the original amount in the local currency, the conversion rate as well as any fees on your card statement.

Helpful information on using your card abroad

The credit and prepaid cards that UBS issues feature state-of-the-art chip technology and PIN function. Paying becomes more secure and, at the same time, easier and faster.

On the go: our security guidelines(PDF, 80 KB) show you how you can securely use your card abroad.