PIN function

Secure payments with credit cards and prepaid cars

When you make your purchases with UBS Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards, you no longer have to sign any receipts; instead, you enter your PIN code in the payment terminal.

PIN function at a glance


The best possible protection with your own secret number


Pay more quickly than with a signature


Same procedure as for your debit card

The PIN function in detail

All UBS Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards come equipped with the latest chip and PIN technology, so your cashless payments are even more secure. You also need the PIN code to make withdrawals at an ATM.

More and more merchants – both in Switzerland and abroad – are using the latest payment terminal technology. When making payments at these points of sale using your UBS Credit Card, you will be asked to enter your PIN code. No signature is required.

If you’re asked for your PIN code at the point of sale, you have to enter it. If you don’t, the payment can’t be processed.
When outside Switzerland or when making a purchase at an older-generation payment terminal, you may also have to confirm your payment with your signature.

You can be sure that you’re using your PIN code securely if you follow the rules below:

  • Change your original code at an ATM in Switzerland
  • Don’t use any combinations of digits that are easy to work out, like dates of birth, telephone numbers or car registration numbers
  • Learn your PIN code by heart
  • Never keep your PIN code together with your card
  • Cover the keypad when you are entering your PIN code
  • Never give the code to anyone else (not even to the police, public officials or UBS staff)

If your card is lost or stolen, block it immediately by calling the 24h client service at +41 44 828 31 35 or online via e-banking or mobile banking.

Have you forgotten your PIN code? Would you like to change it or order another one?