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UBS key4 banking

Accounts, cards and attractive exchange rates in just 10 minutes – open in the app today.

  • The first 6 months are free of charge to you.

Your benefits with UBS key4 banking

Do your banking conveniently in the app and enjoy the following benefits:

Attractive exchange rates worldwide

Travel around the world and pay with top exchange rates wherever you go.

No processing fees

Pay without a processing surcharge and at favorable conditions abroad and online.

Intelligent and innovative insights

Make better financial decisions with our personalized analyses, tips, and quizzes.

UBS key4 banking at a glance

  • Lightning-fast shopping with TWINT, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Buy and sell gold easily via your smartphone – from as little as 0.1 grams.
  • Manage your investments and your retirement provision simply and clearly directly in the app.
  • A welcome gift of 50 KeyClub points worth CHF 50.

Choose the right package for you

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What’s included in the price?

UBS Personal account

The solid basis for your banking transactions. The UBS Personal account offers you everything you want from your bank from day to day.

UBS Savings account

The savings account is the ideal complement to your personal account. It lets you regularly set aside money, while remaining financially flexible.

UBS Debit card

The UBS Debit Card is the ideal complement to your UBS Credit Card or Prepaid Card. You can use this card to do online shopping, to make contactless payments in stores and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

UBS Prepaid card

The UBS Prepaid card allows you to make secure, cashless purchases worldwide. Load your UBS Prepaid Card quickly and free of charge via UBS E-Banking, the UBS Mobile Banking App, at a UBS Multimat or by using a QR-bill.

UBS Credit card

Our Credit cards you can shop conveniently and securely worldwide and withdraw local currency at almost all ATMs, as well as benefit from many other useful features.

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CHF 50 as a gift

For young people under 26 and students under 30 years

Open UBS key4 banking and win

Get UBS key4 banking with free accounts and cards by 31 May 2024, receive CHF 50 in the form of KeyClub points as welcome gift and, with a bit of luck, win a 4-day-pass for the OpenAir St. Gallen.

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