The new QR-bill for a digital future

Since 30 June, the QR-bill has been making it easier for you to pay and issue invoices. Following a transition phase of several years, red and orange payment slips will be permanently replaced by 30 September 2022.

The QR-bill at a glance


Simple bill payment by scanning – scan & pay


The QR code contains all the relevant data and can be scanned and read anywhere


Usable in both analog and digital processes

Have you received a QR invoice from Robert Schneider AG / Pia Rutschmann?

An example of a QR bill has been added to your bank statement. This is for illustration purposes only, it is not a real invoice.

Switch to QR-bill

Digital payment of QR-bills is possible in UBS Digital Banking (E-Banking and Mobile Banking) and at Multimats. We recommend that you use the new scanning functions to pay the QR-bill.

You can also pay QR-bills using our UBS easy forms. In the same way as today’s payment slips, simply separate the payment part from the QR-bill and submit the UBS easy form for payments in CHF and the UBS easy international form for amounts in EUR. Please note that all the information printed or allowed to be added in handwriting on the payment part must always be provided along with the payment when making QR payments, regardless of whether this information is necessary for executing the payment. Handwritten additions (but not deletions) are only permitted if the amount and/or the bill recipient “Payable by” is missing.

If you use payment software, you can use it from the launch date to pay all three types of QR-bill.

The three types of QR-bill

The difference between them lies in the use of IBAN and the references.

QR-IBAN and QR reference (previously ESR reference)

  • reference is 100% returned
  • automated accounts receivable comparison

IBAN and creditor reference according to ISO 11649 standard

  • invoices mainly paid from accounts held abroad
  • automated accounts receivable comparison

QR-IBAN and no reference

  • donations, campaigns, events with unknown payers
  • no open accounts receivable

The benefits of QR-bill

  • Quick and convenient payment, because all payment information can be scanned and confirmed in the QR code
  • No errors, as reference number and biller no longer have to be entered manually

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