QR-bill for private clients

The new QR-bill for a digital future

Since 30 June, the QR-bill has been making it easier for you to pay and issue invoices. Following a transition phase of several years, red and orange payment slips will be permanently replaced by 30 September 2022. Please consider that invoicing with old payment slips is recommended for the very last time with payment due date 31.08.2022 – Your clients need sufficient lead time to settle their invoices on time.

As of 1 May 2022, it will no longer be possible to order red and orange payment slips from UBS. Use the UBS QR-bill Portal to create and print QR-bills yourself easily with just a few clicks. 

Create QR-bills

  • UBS QR-bill Portal: Create and print QR-bills yourself easily with just a few clicks.
  • If you create and print bills with your accounting software:



Replace standing orders

  • All existing standing orders (based on red/orange payment slips) must be replaced with the new QR-bill.
  • Start now and replace your standing orders before 30 September 2022.



Support documents, FAQ and tutorial videos

  • Here you can find all support documents, FAQ and tutorial videos about switching to QR-bill.





How do I create QR-bills?

How do I pay QR-bills?

The three types of QR-bill

The difference between them lies in the use of IBAN and the references.

The benefits of QR-bill

  • Quick and convenient payment, because all payment information can be scanned and confirmed in the QR code
  • No errors, as reference number and biller no longer have to be entered manually

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