Account reports

Automate the processing of your transactions

With our electronic camt account reports in XML format in accordance with the ISO 20022 standard, you can process your account transactions in a fully automated manner.

Account reports at a glance

Fully automated

Account reconciliation and cash management


Process information with ISO 20022 account reporting


Makes accounting easier

What will change?

The ISO 20022 standard conforms to the regulatory provisions of the account information reports that you receive from your bank. Furthermore, ISO 20022 allows for the continuous automated processing of transactions. This means that in future we will also offer electronic account reports in this standard:

These XML message types complement today’s digital account information in SWIFT format (MT940, MT942, MT900, MT910) as well as the notifications for direct debits (type 3 LSV credit file), BESR (v11 ESR credit file) and, in future, also QR-bills.