Using software to pay QR-bills

Make sure you can pay QR-bills without any problems

To ensure trouble-free payment processing, every accounting software program must meet the SIX requirements for payment of QR-bills as of 30 June 2020.

Is your software ready for QR-bills?

If you are not sure whether your software meets the SIX requirements for payment of QR-bills, contact your software manufacturer in good time. Failure to comply with the SIX requirements can result in problems processing your payments.

What are the requirements for your IT infrastructure?

  • Your accounting software must support and validate QR-bills with your additional information and options for payment and be able to generate the electronic payment order in compliance with the SIX requirements.
  • Payment templates must as a rule be newly created for QR-bills with the new information for your creditor.
  • Any hardware, such as QR code readers and scanning platforms, must be adapted to the QR-bills – in particular, to the Swiss QR code. You can find a list of suppliers for QR scanners at