Make savings in your housekeeping budget. And make dreams come true.


1. Lower the room temperature

Drop the room temperature by only 1 degree and save 6% on your heating costs. In the living room it should be 20 to 22 degrees, in the bedroom for a comfortable night’s sleep 18 degrees. Thus you help your wallet and improve the environment.

2. Use the cheaper night tariff.

Make the most of night tariffs to run the dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer.

3. Enlightening! Change the old for the new.

Change your light bulbs and halogen lamps with energy saving and LED lamps. These need considerably less electricity. And you save money.

4. Sleep mode? Your electrical appliances should adopt this mode.

Electronic equipment also uses electricity even when in standby mode. And quite a lot. That goes for the TV, PC or stereo. This can easily be averted by the use of a power strip with a switch and you save around 140 francs per year.

5. Make real savings with a spa in the shower.

Showering uses only a third of the hot water needed for a bath. Opt for a shower rather than a bath.

6. Hunger is an indulgent cook.

Shopping when you are hungry is a bad idea. When you’re hungry you buy more than you need. Therefore, write a shopping list. And when there’s no crisps, avocados or creamy yoghurts written there, leave them in the supermarket.

7. Live the high life with tap water.

Drink tap water instead of bottled. It costs less, is the same quality as most mineral water and produces less rubbish.

8. Insurance is a good thing.

Particularly when your son has scratched the neighbours car. Or your daughter has dropped her friend’s laptop on the floor. Make sure you check that you have all the coverage that you need.

And another savings tip: With our tools your dreams will quickly become reality.

Setting a Household budget can really highlight potential savings. Make a table listing your income and expenditure. Then work out the cost of your dream goal: a holiday, a car or your own house? What is left over from your budget you can save towards your dream.

In E-Banking or Mobile banking there are personal financial assistants to help you set up your household budget. You can see on a pie chart how much you spend each month. And on what. The bigger the piece of pie the greater the expenditure.

So you have all income and expenditure information available at any time, at a glance, on your computer, Tablet or smart phone. In addition, with the personal financial assistant, budgets and savings goals can be automatically updated by account activity and much more.

Personal financial assistant

Our financial assistant helps you keep an eye on your income and outgoings at all times, as well as set budgets and savings targets.

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