Swiss Life Protection Life insurance for if the worst happens

Accident, sickness or death can cause serious financial difficulties. Swiss Life Protection is a product from our exclusive partner Swiss Life offering risk coverage under the restricted (Pillar 3a) and the unrestricted pension plans (Pillar 3b).

How Swiss Life Protection works

Select the insurance coverage you would like in the case of incapacity to work or death resulting from illness or accident. Depending on your retirement provision plans, you can also combine the insurance protection you would like:

  • Insurance protection against incapacity to work: protect yourself against loss of income resulting from accident or illness. The amount of the pension payment depends on the agreed benefits and the degree of incapacity.
  • Insurance coverage in the event of death: ensure that your surviving dependents are financially protected. Choose whether the lump-sum death benefit should be paid out as a constant or decreasing amount or as a period-certain annuity.

Your benefits

  • Individual pension provision in the event of incapacity to work or death
  • Security for your spouse or partner and family
  • Cover your mortgage to ensure it remains affordable
  • Tax advantages with Pillar 3a
  • Option to waive premiums if you are unable to work

Benefits in the event of death

Swiss Life Protection lets you choose whether you would like a single or staggered disbursements. The insurance cover offers the following variants:

Payment variations in the event of death

Constant lump-sum death benefit

The beneficiaries receive a single lump-sum payment or a monthly pension.

Payment variations in the event of death

Decreasing lump-sum death benefit

The payment amounts decline over the years – this makes sense for repaying a mortgage, for instance.

Payment variations in the event of death

Benefits in the event of incapacity to work

This example relates to an incapacity pension following the occurrence of an event after seven years resulting in an inability to work and a waiting period of 24 months. The premium waiver begins after a time limit of 12 months.

Example of a loss of income benefit with Swiss Life Protection

Example performance of Swiss Life Protection

Further information can be found in our Swiss Life Protection Replacement Income product information sheet (PDF, 455 KB) and Swiss Life Protection Dependants’ Cover product information sheet (PDF, 77 KB). Do you have any questions? Contact us to arrange a personal consultation as part of which we will be happy to clear up any details.

Further issues relating to your retirement

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