Swiss Life FlexSave Life insurance for the flexible savings

Supplement your provision with flexible savings insurance and participate in the development of the SMI. Swiss Life FlexSave Uno / Duo – a product from our exclusive partner Swiss Life – can be concluded under the restricted and the unrestricted pension plans. 

How Swiss Life FlexSave Uno / Duo works

With Swiss Life FlexSave Uno / Duo, you redefine your savings target each year and determine what percentage of your savings contribution you wish to invest in the development of the SMI: 25%, 50% or 100%. Your accrued gains are hedged annually, which means that they cannot be lost even if the performance of the index turns negative.

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed lump-sum payment upon maturity
  • SMI index investment with no risk of loss
  • Annual hedging of index gains
  • Additional insurance cover possible
  • Possibility of tax benefits

Example of performance of Swiss Life FlexSave Uno / Duo

Example of performance of Swiss Life FlexSave

All credited gains increase the minimum payment guaranteed at the commencement of the contract. Years in which the performance of the index is negative do not affect the guarantee.

Further information can be found in our Swiss Life FlexSave Uno product information sheet (PDF, 1 MB) and Swiss Life FlexSave Duo product information sheet (PDF, 1 MB). Any questions? We will be pleased to support you with our expertise in a personal consultation. Contact us today.

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