Swiss Life Calmo Life insurance for guaranteed annuities

Take advantage of the unrestricted retirement provision to get guaranteed regular pension payments for life. Swiss Life Calmo is a product from our exclusive partner Swiss Life.

How Swiss Life Calmo works

With Swiss Life Calmo, you finance your pension with a single premium in Swiss francs or euros. You can choose between receiving your pension payments immediately or at a later date. The regular payments are guaranteed for life. If the capital markets perform well and insurance risks develop favourably, an additional surplus annuity may be paid.

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed lifelong pension income
  • Possibility of an additional surplus annuity
  • Optionally, the unused capital may be returned to your surviving dependents in the event of your death

Example of an annuity with Swiss Life Calmo


Swiss Life Calmo allows you to benefit from regular pension payments. There is also the possibility of surplus annuity payments in addition to the guaranteed pension.
Further information can be found in our Swiss Life Calmo product information sheet. We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have in a personal consultation. Contact us today.

Further issues relating to your retirement

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