Direct Debit Scheme For automated, punctual on-time payments

The direct debit system LSV+ and the SEPA Core Direct Debit enable you to automate recurring payments such as monthly bills. The direct debit system authorizes the beneficiary to charge your account directly. This saves you time and ensures that your payment is received reliably and on time. 

Overview of direct debits

  • For regular payments in Swiss francs or euros to the same beneficiary
  • One-time order submission with a signature
  • Saves time as automated
  • Lower cost, as no mailing is required
  • Can be canceled at any time and with immediate effect
  • Can be revoked within a specified period

Direct debit LSV+ in detail

For regular payments in Swiss francs or euros to the same beneficiary, it is worth setting up a direct debit. If you opt for the direct debit LSV+ system, your payments will be executed reliably and on time and you will ensure that no payments are forgotten.

With direct debit LSV+ you issue the invoicing party with a direct debit authorization. This means that the beneficiary's financial entity can debit the amount due from your account at the intervals agreed. With direct debit LSV+, you have the right of objection at any time. The deadline for objections is 30 days from the date of debit. 

SEPA Core Direct Debit in detail

For paying bills from European countries on a one-time or regular basis, you have the option of using a SEPA Core Direct Debit. The SEPA direct debit system ensures that your euro payments are executed reliably and on time. Our information sheet for remitters (PDF, 337 KB) provides detailed information on the SEPA Core Direct Debit.

Prerequisites for the direct debit system

If you process payments as direct debits, please note the following:

  • Your signature is required on the LSV+ direct debit authorization and/or the SEPA Core Direct Debit mandate. In addition, when using the SEPA Core Direct Debit you must sign the declaration of consent for the SEPA Core Direct Debit process.
  • Use an account geared to payment transactions, such as your personal account

Good to know

Right of objection with direct debit LSV+

Direct debit LSV+ gives you a right of objection of 30 days from notification of the debiting of the account. You can submit the objection by telephone, in writing or online.  You do not need to state a reason for the objection to the direct debit. The amount will be returned to your account within a few days. 

Right of objection with SEPA Core Direct Debit

In the case of the SEPA Core Direct Debit, you can submit an objection within eight weeks of the date of debit without stating reasons. In the case of non-authorized collection (if there is no SEPA Core Direct Debit Mandate or if the Mandate is not valid), the payer has 13 months from the date the account was debited to raise an objection. 

We are here for you if you have any questions or require support. Our client advisors will be happy to help you with any questions you may have in relation to payment transactions.