Receive and pay invoices digitally

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Make your life three times easier with eBill by having your invoices delivered directly to E-Banking. Pay with just a few clicks. And use UBS Safe to store your bills.

At a glance: the benefits of eBill

More convenience

No need to type in or scan amounts, account or reference numbers

Full control

No invoice is paid without your approval, whether individual or based on the sender

Guaranteed authenticity

A digital signature cannot be faked and guarantees the sender’s authenticity

Do you like paying bills?

Not likely. After all, paying bills is more duty than pleasure. Ideally, bills should pay themselves – well, almost. And this is exactly what eBill offers.

eBill invoices land directly where you pay your bills – in Digital Banking. And because they are digital, they save you a lot of work.

How paying with eBill works

Setting up eBill is almost as fast as paying with eBill. A brief guide

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