E-bill Paying without paper

A simple and convenient way to receive and pay your bills electronically. Rather than by mail, you receive e-bills electronically, which are displayed directly in e-banking or in the mobile banking app. Advantages of e-bills: you no longer have to manually type in the reference number, amount and recipient's account number. E-bills save time and are kind to the environment.

Overview of e-bills

  • Quick, as the bill is delivered and settled electronically
  • Simple, as no payment slip is required
  • Sustainable, as less paper is used, printed and mailed.
  • Saves time, as the details for executing the payment have already been entered
  • Secure, as the payment is only made if you approve the bill

E-bill. Billing made simple.

E-bill allows you to receive and pay your bills directly in e-banking. See for yourself how easy it is.

Switch to e-billing

Would you like to receive your bills electronically instead of by mail? This is how you can switch to e-bills in just a few clicks:

  1. Activate the e-bill function in e-banking under "Payments".
  2. You can find companies, organizations and public authorities that offer e-billing under "Search for invoicing party".
  3. Pressing the "Apply" button generates a message stating that you would like to receive your invoices as e-bills in future.
  4. You have to request e-bills individually for every invoicing party.
  5. You can find newly delivered e-bills in the invoice inbox.

E-bills are free of charge to private individuals. Further information can be found at e-bill.


Please contact us if you have any questions or require support. Our client advisors will be glad to help you.