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UBS has particularly beneficial special offers when it comes to start-up assistance and renewing financing on residential property as well as for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Don’t miss out on these benefits.

Renovate at preferential conditions 

From kitchen islands and jacuzzis to new insulation: the UBS “renovation” Mortgage offers you the ideal financial solution for carrying out home renovations. No interest costs need to be paid during the first six months of the term.


  • 0% interest for the first six months
  • Fixed interest charges help you to plan your expenditure
  • No processing fee

Interest rate saving

6 months at 0% interest

Mortgage product

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage 3 – 10 years


Equal to the renovation costs, minimum CHF 100,000, maximum CHF 250,000


The offer cannot be combined with any other special offers. You can find the details on the product information sheet (PDF, 391 KB)

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