Special offer “renovation”

Benefit from a preferential interest rate when renovating

Secure a reduced interest rate to finance home renovation, remodeling or an energy-saving investment.

Special offer “renovation” at a glance

Preferential interest rate

Over the lifetime of the mortgage


Fixed mortgage 2 or 10 years or Libor mortgage


Additional interest reduction

You will receive an interest rate reduction with an existing Minergie® or class A GEAK® certificate. An eco-bonus will be awarded to those who provide this certificate (no older than five years old) no later than one year after the renovation has been completed.

Protect yourself against rising interest rates and set the rate on your fixed-rate mortgage up to a year in advance.

  • The offer applies one time and only for owner-occupied residential property (excluding vacation homes).
  • The entire mortgage for your property is with UBS
  • The amount of the UBS Mortgage “renovation” corresponds to renovation costs of at least CHF 100,000 to at most CHF 250,000
  • Submit an estimate in advance and a statement of construction costs after the renovation is complete.

Preferential interest rate: reduced interest rate on financing of a renovation
Eco-bonus: additional interest rate reduction for existing Minergie® or GEAK® certificate
Product: eligible (fixed mortgage 2 or 10 years or Libor mortgage)
Amount: renovation costs correlates to a minimum of CHF 100,000 and a maximum of CHF 250,000

Your benefits

  • Verification of the purchase price based on reference properties and location
  • Comprehensive assessment of the location (municipality, price level and tax rate)
  • Mortgage advice, including during off-hours
  • On request: mortgage decisions within 24 hours

Special offers

Special offers for your first mortgage or loan, renovation work on residential property and for energy-efficient, sustainable construction.