Investment products Professional investment solutions for you

The global financial markets offer huge opportunities but also hold risks. Generating adequate returns whilst at the same time optimizing your risk/opportunity ratio has never been as challenging as it is today.

In order to achieve your investment goals, it is essential that you constantly check and review your assets. Our solutions provide you with easy and secure access to global investment opportunities, to our worldwide network and to our expertise. At the same time, your investments will benefit from a standard of monitoring and management which even professional investors are impressed by.

Asset Allocation Funds

You decide which strategy best suits you and your needs. Our investment specialists take care of the day-to-day monitoring of the markets for you and make the necessary adjustments when there are changes in global risks and opportunities.

Investment Fund Account

You pay money in on a regular basis and invest it in funds. This allows you to lay the foundation for the accumulation of your wealth. Furthermore, over the long term, the potential returns offered by an investment fund account are higher than those offered by a savings account.

Speak to your client advisor about your goals and your strategy. Your client advisor will tell you about our UBS investment products and show you the easiest way to achieve your investment goals.