Asset allocation funds Sit back and invest your money with ease

Accumulating wealth requires time and expertise. If you are to achieve your goals, you require a solid and sustainable foundation. This is why we recommend UBS Asset Allocation Funds for long-term wealth accumulation.

With our Asset Allocation Funds, you invest as if you had your very own portfolio management team. You define your risk profile, whilst our financial specialists diversify your portfolio, minimize your investment risk and optimize your potential returns. As a result, you enjoy the full benefit of our investment knowledge.

UBS Strategy Funds

UBS Strategy Funds are broadly diversified. You choose your strategy. The strategy you choose will depend on your risk capacity and your risk appetite. Your risk profile determines whether you invest primarily in equities or in bonds.

UBS Suisse Funds

UBS Suisse Funds invest primarily in Swiss equities, bonds and real estate, and are broadly diversified. The currency risk is low and is hedged to a substantial extent.