Pension You have to jump over a few hurdles

As an individual sportsman, Kariem Husseins’ success depends heavily on his own initiative. Recently, he also noticed that you have to take matters into your own hands in regards to your pension, too.

by Kariem Hussein 20 Jul 2018
Photo: Gian Paul Lozza

Training and tournament seasons usually dictate my day-to-day life. I spend a lot of time preparing for competitions, so that during the race that usually lasts just under 50 seconds, I achieve the best results I can. This is the challenge with competitive sport. Alongside this, I also have the challenge to finish my medical studies. Organization and planning are key in this. It both motivates me and helps me advance. And I like challenges because they help me grow. Because they're hurdles. And you have to jump over a few hurdles in life.

Up to now, I’ve taken little time to take care of my pension. On the suggestion of a friend, I recently went to a consultation with a pension expert. They not only showed me my options but they also explained the occupational and private pension system. What has become clear to me is: pension planning isn’t just for when you reach retirement age.

Preparation is a good basis for success, in sports as well as pension planning.

Your career after a career is also a hurdle. For every top athlete comes the moment when they have to reorient their working life, whether they stay in the world of sports or not. Luckily, my medical degree gives me a backup plan, which provides me with security. Because life – just like sports – can change quickly and sometimes without warning. I want to be as prepared for this as possible.

The consultation showed me that I could plan more conscientiously and pro-actively, and I could also approach my pension with concrete measures in the short and medium term. For example, by saving for retirement in pillar 3a. In this, I also have to consider where I see myself in 10 years’ time and which plans and projects I could be involved in; for example, a long stay abroad, my own medical practice or owning my own home. It’s just as important to consider and approach your retirement in the context of your overall financial plan.

Now that I have a better overview of my retirement provision options, I can put some thought into the next steps. Preparation is a good basis for success, in sports as well as pension planning.

Kariem Hussein

Kariem Hussein (29) is a top athlete and medical student. After winning the European championship title for the 400 meter hurdles, he even became a famous face outside of the athletics fan base.