Protecting your family and partner

How can I protect my family?

Accidents, sickness or death can cause serious financial difficulties that could impact the affordability of your home. Find out why it makes sense to take out insurance and what types of coverage are available.

Understand the risks and insure yourself against them

In the event of death or disability, your mortgage may become unaffordable. In a worst-case scenario, you could even end up losing your home.

The risk is especially high if

  • the property was partly financed with an advance withdrawal from your retirement fund.
  • the loan-to-value ratio of the property exceeds the total of your first mortgage (67% of the property value).
  • there's only one main breadwinner.

In these situations, it makes sense to take out a risk insurance policy for a specific part of the mortgage volume. UBS offers tailored insurance solutions here.

Taking out risk insurance under the “UBS Mortgage with insurance cover” scheme protects you against the financial risks posed by death or disability.

  • Insurance against inability to work: Insures against loss of income due to accident or illness with a pension.
  • Life insurance: Surviving relatives can use the insurance capital paid out to reduce the mortgage, thus ensuring their home remains affordable.

We’ll be happy to advise you on how insurance solutions work in detail and what type of insurance might be best for you.

Video guide

How can I protect myself financially against unexpected events?

Our experts explain what really matters when it comes to protecting your family and partner.

How can I protect my dependents?

  • Take unexpected events into account
  • Ensure affordability in case of financial difficulties
  • Insurance against death or disability

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