In September 2020, there were over two million UBS Prepaid and Credit Cards in circulation. These cards are used almost 400,000 times every day, half of which are online transactions. When it comes to card usage, four major card trends are identifiable regarding client needs, for which ideal solutions also exist.

1. Make paying online as easy as possible

When was the last time you physically took out your credit card? Did you know that 80 percent of credit card transactions are now either digital or contactless? Whether paying online with your card details, smartphone or smartwatch – a physical card is no longer required. UBS introduced its Virtual Credit Card in May 2021, which you can order in your UBS Mobile Banking App or UBS E-Banking. You pay just as securely as ever and, thanks to the new copy-paste function for the credit card number, even faster than before. The virtual card is stored on your smartphone and so doesn't take up extra space in your wallet.

Available immediately and free of charge

Don’t need a physical card?

Then we recommend the new UBS Virtual Credit Card, which is stored securely on your smartphone instead of in your wallet.

2. Clarity and self-service are the priority

Are you part of the growing number of clients who want more control over how they pay? More concretely, this means having a detailed overview of your spending and being able to manage every card function yourself, such as your limit, card security functions and country-specific approvals.

That’s why UBS is replacing V PAY with Visa Debit and Maestro with Mastercard Debit. You can use your new debit cards to withdraw cash as usual, and now also to make online purchases. They can also be registered for 3-D Secure with just a few clicks.

3. Transparency about payments abroad

Do you sometimes order products from abroad? Half of all online purchases today are made in a foreign shop – meaning the amount is converted from the local currency into Swiss francs. Credit cards are also used more frequently when traveling, even for smaller amounts such as at ticket machines, which often no longer accept banknotes. High or unknown exchange rates can then be a source of frustration.

If you use a UBS Global Credit or Prepaid Card for foreign currency payments, you’ll benefit from a transparent and attractive exchange rate.

4. Sustainability on the move, including with your card

Sustainability begins when you go shopping. A credit card may be small but it’s made from plastic and has to be renewed every few years. This means there’s potential for producing credit cards in a more environmentally friendly way.

The UBS Optimus Foundation Credit Card is made from 80% biodegradable plastic obtained from corn. UBS donates 0.75% of what you spend with this card to the UBS Optimus Foundation. The foundation selects programs that work to sustainably improve the health, education and protection of children and their environment, making this card twice as sustainable.

The right card for your needs

Whether you prefer doing things digitally, care about sustainability, enjoy shopping abroad or all of the above – UBS has the right cards for you.