Relocating to Switzerland?

Everything you need to get off to a good start

Moving to Switzerland offers you exciting new opportunities, also when it comes to your finances. We want to make it easier for you to get settled in.

Paying and saving made easy

You can open bank accounts and apply for credit cards in Switzerland as soon as you are registered to live here. It’s especially easy and financially beneficial to get your accounts and cards as a complete solution in the form of a banking package.

Banking package EUR for individuals

Do you often make payments in euros? Our banking package EUR is ideal for you.

Other banking packages

Whether for school, families or individuals – we offer the perfect banking package for every situation.

Accounts and cards

Our accounts make payments easy and saving convenient. And with our credit cards you can pay anywhere in the world without cash.

Keeping your finances in check

You want to conduct your daily banking transactions simply and securely. We show you the best way to do this in Switzerland.

Payment services

Pay your bills quickly and securely: online, on paper or at a Multimat at one of our branches.

Digital Banking

Do your banking any time you like: Keep an eye on your accounts, administer your cards, make payments and much more.

Changing your bank

We are happy to help you to change banks and prepare the necessary correspondence with your existing bank.

Customized solutions for your money

If you would like to purchase real estate in Switzerland or you have ambitious investment targets, you should speak with us about your financial goals. We'll find the right solution for you.


With a mortgage, you can realize the dream of owning your own home in Switzerland.

Retirement provision

The earlier you begin planning for retirement, the better. We will be happy to support you in doing so.

Investing money

We want to help you find a solution that lets you achieve your investment objectives simply and with peace of mind.