Partial payment option

Your credit card bill can also be paid in partial amounts

Would you rather not pay for your credit card purchases until later? You decide each month how much you want to pay back.

What you need to know


You continue to pay with your credit card as usual.1

Minimum amount

The minimum amount is 5% of your bill for the month, but at least CHF 50.2

Interest rate

The interest rate is 13% per year from the respective transaction date.3


In principle, the partial payment option is available with all UBS Credit Cards (excluding World Mastercard® Gold International and Mastercard® Excellence).

You can only use the installment facility if you pay your bill manually (e.g. with a QR-bill). If you pay your credit card bill with a direct debit (LSV), you must switch to “Manual payment.”

How it works

How do you pay your credit card bill?

Financial security

The Swiss Payment Association (SPA) makes an important contribution to the responsible use of credit cards. Information and tips are available at