Paper-based payments

All payment options at a glance

Whether you are paying in Swiss francs or a foreign currency, in Switzerland or abroad, you can keep on top of your payments at all times with paper-based payments.

Make payments / pay bills

With UBS easy and easy international, you can make payments simply and conveniently. Simply fill out the order form and submit it together with the payment slip or payment part of the QR-bill.

  • The ideal solution for payments with payment slips or payment parts of QR-bills in all currencies.
  • Convenient for collective orders: fill in your details for multiple payment slips or QR-bills just once.
  • You choose the execution date up to six months in advance

Please note that all the information printed or allowed to be added in handwriting on the payment part must always be provided along with the payment when making QR payments, regardless of whether this information is necessary for executing the payment. Handwritten additions (but not deletions) are only permitted if the amount and/or the bill recipient “Payable by” is missing.

You can order UBS easy and easy international forms from your client advisor.

Place orders worldwide both in Swiss francs and foreign currencies: with UBS you can make payments securely and conveniently, even without a payment slip.

Charging options with UBS global

When you enter a payment order with UBS global, you decide yourself who will bear the costs for your order:

  • If you opt for "OUR" you will bear all the costs as the principal.
  • With "BEN", the beneficiary bears all the costs.
  • With "SHA", you share the costs of order execution with the beneficiary.

You can order personalized forms for UBS global from your client advisor.

If you don’t have a payment slip for a payment order, you can make the payment with an individual order. Individual orders can be executed as single payments or collective orders for payments in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Orders can be issued by mail, by telephone or in person
  • For payments from personal accounts or current accounts

Special standing orders regularly transfer the balance in your personal account to a savings account, pension account or fund account on a reference date. This helps you to achieve your savings targets sooner.

Checks are still common means of payment in international transactions. We are happy to issue bank checks on request.

Issue bills / request money

PostFinance has announced that the old payment slips will be discontinued by 30 September 2022. As of this date, it will no longer be possible to pay red and orange payment slips.

BESR stands for “Bank-Einzahlungsschein mit Referenznummer”[bank payment slip with a reference number] (orange payment slip). Payments with a reference number are processed automatically and therefore more quickly.

BESR payment slip

Manage your invoicing in Swiss francs within Switzerland and the processing of incoming payments efficiently.

BESR Quick

  • For creating invoices and debiting accounts in Swiss francs within Switzerland
  • Reference number identifies the debtor and simplifies your reminder procedure
  • Automated booking in your sales ledger accounting (with software support)

Please contact your client advisor to order payment slips.

Red payment slips

Use the red payment slip when you want to let your debtor enter a message rather than just use the reference line. You can order red payment slips from your client advisor.

Checks are still common means of payment in international transactions. We are happy to accept your checks and bills of exchange and cash them.

You can find more information here.


A cost-effective and convenient alternative to paper-based payments are our digital solutions. You can use them to make payments regardless of the opening hours of our branches.