QR-bill for companies

The new QR-bill for a digital future

Since 30 June, the QR-bill has been making it easier for you to pay and issue invoices. Following a transition phase of several years, red and orange payment slips will be permanently replaced by 30 September 2022.

The QR-bill at a glance


Create, print out and send bills online via the QR-Portal - including QR-IBAN generator - or using software


The QR code contains all the relevant data and can be scanned and read no matter where you are


Can be used via analog and digital channels – for creating and paying bills

How do I create QR-bills?

How do I pay QR-bills?

The three versions of the QR-bill

The difference lies in the use of the IBAN and references.

QR-bill in a nutshell

Further information/conditions