Bring friends

Recommend UBS to your friends and people you know. If you persuade someone to open a UBS Generation or UBS Campus banking package, you'll both benefit: you get CHF 25 in the form of UBS KeyClub points as a reward and your friend gets 40 KeyClub points as a welcome gift.

How to benefit from the "Bring a Friend" campaign.

  1. E-mail a friend.
  2. Tell them about our free banking packages – and our welcome gift.
  3. Don't forget the link to the online application and your personal details. We need your details so that you can receive your reward.

Naturally, your friend can also open a banking package in a UBS branch.

Suggested e-mail to friends

We've drafted an e-mail for you with all the important links. So if you want, you can simply copy our suggestion, fill it out, and send it to your friends. 

Hi XY,

Have you heard about the free UBS banking packages?

  • UBS Generation makes it easy for young people aged 12 to 22 to manage their money.
  • UBS Campus gives undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 18 to 30 everything they need for paying and saving.

You can find all the details on both packages at

When you open a banking package, you get 40 KeyClub points as a welcome gift, worth CHF 40 in shops like H&M, Manor and Zalando. If you mention that I introduced you, I'll get 25 KeyClub points as a reward.

It's easy to open a banking package online or in a UBS branch near you:

My personal details are below. Please input these when you open your package, so I can get my KeyClub points:

  • Last name: [please enter]
  • First name: [please enter]
  • Street, no. [please enter]
  • Postcode, Town/City: [please enter]
  • Tel./mobile no. [please enter]
  • Date of birth: [please enter]

Don't miss out! If you have any questions, give me a call.
Bye for now!

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