Pillar 3 Close your pension gap with the private pension provision 

To ensure that you can enjoy the third phase of your life without any financial worries, it is becoming increasingly important to start thinking about Pillar 3 in good time. It is worth taking a good look at your current provision in order to identify and rectify any possible gaps The best solutions for you can be found in such a context. We would be happy to advise you.


With the Pillars 3a (restricted pension provision) and 3b (unrestricted pension provision), Pillar 3 offers you a range of options for closing your pension gap.

Pillar 3a
Restricted pension provision

Investing and saving with Pillar 3a has double the advantages: You receive an attractive preferential interest rate and can also deduct the amount saved from your taxable income. The accumulated savings amount and the interest earned are also exempt from income and wealth taxes.

You can also make an early withdrawal from your saved capital, for example if you wish to buy or build your own home or become self-employed.

Pillar 3b
Unrestricted pension provision

Build up additional financial reserves with Pillar 3b to realize your goals and wishes after you retire.

This way, you save for an even more comfortable lifestyle during your retirement, cover yourself in case of loss of income and ensure that your survivors are not faced with financial difficulties in the event of your death.

You have the choice of a variety of savings, investment and insurance solutions as well as access to your savings at any time.

You can find valuable information and answers to your questions in our factsheets.

We are here to provide you with expert advice and a personal pension offer for Pillar 3.

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