Retirement planning calculator Assess and optimize your financial situation

Using Pillar 3 to save is easy – and it lets you enjoy your retirement when the time comes. Our retirement planning calculators will help you assess and improve your situation.

Pillar 3a investment calculator

What is the correct way to invest my Pillar 3a assets?

Tax calculator

With Pillar 3 you can save tax and put money aside for your retirement at the same time.

Calculate tax savings

How much tax can I save by paying into Pillar 3a?

Taxation of retirement capital

How much tax will I pay when my retirement savings are paid out?

Asset calculator

Build up your assets systematically, make the most of them, and know how long your savings will last you.

Calculate the value of your assets

How much capital will I end up with if I make regular payments?

Calculate how long your savings will last

How long will my savings last me once I retire?