Pension calculator Assess and optimize your financial situation

Set money aside, save for the future with pillar 3, or plan for retirement: our retirement calculators will help you evaluate and optimize your financial situation. Your data will not be saved - so your calculations remain completely anonymous.

Save taxes

Tax savings with pillar 3a

How much tax could you save by making payments into a pillar 3 account. Try out a range of different options and calculate your tax savings.

Taxation of retirement capital

How much tax would you pay if you withdrew your retirement assets? Calculate online the amount of tax due on withdrawing your retirement capital.

Accumulate wealth and plan for retirement

Wealth accumulation

Do you have a goal you’d like to save for? Find out how much you could accumulate if you regularly set money aside.

Drawing on capital

How long will your savings last if you withdraw a fixed amount on a regular basis? Calculate your finances online. 

Retirement planning hotline

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