SEPA Euro payments simply and cheaply

SEPA is a payments procedure for individual orders and direct debits that enables you to transfer and collect funds within Switzerland and in Europe. SEPA applies as a binding standard in more than 30 countries. This makes payments in euros across national borders secure, simple and low-cost. 

Overview of SEPA payments

  • Fully automated payment processing with IBAN and BIC
  • Cost transparency thanks to clear fee arrangements
  • High level of security as uniform standards apply to all banks
  • The same fees for transfers in Europe as within Switzerland

SEPA in detail

SEPA stands for single euro payments area and applies in some 30 countries. As a European payments standard, SEPA standardizes all the national procedures for payments in euros. In developing SEPA, the focus was on security and simplicity. If your payment order meets the requirements for a SEPA transfer, it will automatically be identified and processed as such. This only applies to electronic payment orders.


Requirements for a SEPA payment

The following applies to a SEPA payment:

  • The currency is euro
  • Specification of the beneficiary's IBAN
  • Specification of the recipient bank's BIC
  • The recipient country is a SEPA participant
  • The beneficiary's financial entity accepts SEPA payments
  • Fees are shared according to the fee arrangements (SHA)
  • No messages can be included in the payment order
  • Delivery within the valid cut-off times (PDF, 733 KB)



Good to know

If you have specified the IBAN and BIC and euro as the currency for a payment, we will automatically check whether all the other requirements for a SEPA payment have been met. If so, the payment will be automatically processed as a low-cost SEPA transfer. This applies to payments in UBS e-banking, at UBS Multimats and for standing orders. In e-banking and at a Multimat you will receive a message indicating that your payment will be executed as a SEPA transfer.

If your payment does not meet the criteria for SEPA, the order will be executed as a normal international payment.


We are here for you if you have any questions or require support. Our client advisors will be happy to help you with any questions you may have in relation to payment transactions.