Bank checks and encashment of checks As well as encashment of bills of exchange for your international payments

Checks and bills of exchange are still common means of payment in international transactions. We are happy to issue bank checks on request. Moreover, we accept your checks and bills of exchange and cash them. 

Bank checks and encashment of checks and bills of exchange at a glance 

  • Rapid transactions, like paying with cash
  • Cashfree payments worldwide even for recipients whose bank account details are unknown
  • High level of security
  • Quick processing of payments

Bank checks in detail

UBS bank checks are checks issued by UBS. Your account is debited straight away. The bank check is sent immediately by mail. 

Encashment of checks in detail

To cash a check, you can make use of the following options:

  • Encashment of checks subject to collection: When you cash a check, the amount shown is credited to your account immediately – subject to collection. If the check from the bank that issued it cannot be cashed, the amount is debited to your account again.  
  • Check encashment after collection: The amount shown is not credited to your account until the check from the bank that issued it is also cashed.  

Encashment of bills of exchange in detail

As the beneficiary, you give the bill of exchange to UBS for encashment. On the date of expiry, we present the bill of exchange to the bank of the remitter. As soon as the bill of exchange has been cashed, the amount is credited to your account.

Information and prices

If you have a UBS account for transactions, we will be happy to issue a bank check for you. Please place your order with us by mail or in person. You can find additional information and an overview of the fees in our price list.

UBS e-banking offers a cost-effective, convenient alternative to bank checks. It allows you to make payments regardless of bank counter opening hours – whenever you have time.