Contactless payments Quick and easy payment with Credit Card and V PAY Card

Contactless payment is simple, practical and fast. For small amounts, all you need to do is to hold the card briefly against the card reader and your payment is made. For amounts over CHF 40, you also need to enter your PIN code. UBS Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards come equipped with the new contactless function.

paywave and paypass


Contactless payments at a glance

  • Pay small amounts simply and quickly
  • No need to search for small change
  • Simple and quick payment saves time

Contactless payments in detail

Find out more about the advantages of the contactless function and how it works.

You can use the contactless function to make payments at more and more tills in Switzerland and abroad. Here in Switzerland, there are lots of partners who let you make contactless payments. 

Partner wo Sie kontaktlos bezahlen können

1. If your card has the contactless symbol on it, you can use it to make contactless payments.

2. You can make contactless payments wherever you see the contactless symbol on the payment terminal. Wait for the amount to appear on the display. Hold the card close to the contactless symbol.

3. In seconds the terminal will indicate visibly and audibly that the payment has been made.

Contactless payment's based on the same technology that you're familiar with from ski passes or access controls in the workplace. NFC (near field communication) facilitates transactions between one device and another. It generates a unique code for every payment, so multiple bookings are impossible, and all payments are recorded. 

You can make small payments at payment terminals with the contactless symbol without using your PIN code. You just hold your card against the payment terminal and wait for the signal. For larger amounts, you also need to enter your PIN code. For security reasons, you may occasionally be required to enter your PIN code even if the amount is under CHF 40. That's why you always need to check what it says on the terminal display.

  • The card stays in your hand during the entire payment process.
  • The data transfer from card chip to card reader is only possible when the card is held close to the reader.
  • Only one transaction is possible each time contact is made with the terminal, as the card's security chip generates a unique code for each transaction. Multiple code utilization or incorrect codes are identified immediately.
  • For amounts over CHF 40, you also need to enter your PIN.

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