Renovation and remodeling Attractive special offers for the realization of your projects

Are you planning to renovate your home? Doing so can really pay off. By investing in renovations, you can preserve the value of your house or apartment over the long term, or even increase it. We will assist you with your projects and provide you with attractive special offers to help you finance your renovations.

Find out how you can draw up a plan for financing a renovation project: 

1. Identify renovation requirements

The extent to which a property requires renovation can be ascertained, for example, from the life cycle of the various parts of the building.

In an advisory consultation we will gather the key information on your home and find out which parts of the building are in need of renovation. Using numerical data we are able to estimate the extent to which your home needs renovating.

The diagram on the right shows the renovation costs which are typically incurred over the course of time in a single-family house.

Renovation calculator – Your dream property with a great new look

Using the renovation calculator, your UBS advisor can help you to estimate the renovation costs associated with your family home based on statistical experience. The advisor needs to know basic information about your property, such as building insurance value, year of construction and date of last renovation work.

Estimate renovation needs online

Use our new free tool, UBS Immo-Check, to make an initial estimate online yourself.

How much should I allow for renovation and conversation?

Would you like to find out how much your renovation will cost you? Contact us today.

2. Finance the renovation  

We offer financing plans designed specifically for renovation projects.

Advantages of renovation financing with UBS:

3. Consider potential tax advantages

Renovation and maintenance costs can be deducted from your income tax if they serve to preserve the value of your property. We would be happy to show you how you can benefit from tax advantages when renovating your house or apartment.

Do you need assistance in establishing whether or not your home needs renovating? Or would you like to receive more detailed information about our financing solutions? Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation. 

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