Here's how KeyClub works Collect and redeem points with our bonus program

With the UBS KeyClub bonus program, you receive points when you pay with your credit card or prepaid card. If you have a banking package, you also receive points for incoming payments to your personal account. The number of points depends on which card or which banking package you have. In addition, you benefit from our regular point promotions. You'll be told about these promotions regularly through our newsletter and news in e-banking.

Join KeyClub free of charge

KeyClub is our way of saying thank you to you as a client. Participation in the bonus program is free.

It's easy to take part in KeyClub. You're automatically credited the points when you use our banking services.


Would you like to participate in KeyClub? You can send the registration form to us by post or hand it in to one of our branches.

Collect points

Use the points calculator to calculate the number of KeyClub points you currently have and find out how many KeyClub points you could collect per year.

In only two steps, the points calculator shows you how you can become a points-hunter.

Please indicate your UBS banking package, the number of incoming payments on your account, and your credit or prepaid card details.

You receive points for payments made with your credit card or prepaid card, or if you have a banking package and you receive incoming payments to your personal account. The rules for collecting points vary, depending on your card or banking package.

Redeeming your points

You can use your points like cash to buy items from our KeyClub partners and in the KeyClub eStore. One KeyClub point is worth one franc.

Elektronische Punkte im UBS KeyClub eStore einlösen

Electronic points

You can redeem electronic points in the KeyClub e-store. You manage your electronic points in e-banking.

Punktechecks im Geschäft einlösen

Paper checks

Paper checks are sent to you by post. With your paper checks you make purchases at our partners at the cashier, just like with cash.

Set or change the type of points

In e-banking you can set whether you want paper checks or electronic points. You can also have both and receive half of your points as paper checks and the other half as electronic points.

You have the option at any time. You can change your paper checks into electronic points, or vice versa.

Participation in the bonus program Key-Club is free.

Who can use KeyClub?

If you have one of our banking packages or a UBS credit card or prepaid card, you can participate in KeyClub. Clients with numbered accounts, legal entities, clubs, associations, and holders of company credit cards may not participate in KeyClub.

How can I sign up?

It's easy to register for KeyClub. Print the registration form, fill it in and send it to us by post. Or you can hand in your application form in one of our branches.


Collection rules

The rules for collecting points vary, depending on the type of banking package or credit card you have.

Cards in foreign currency (EUR/USD): turnover is converted to CHF at the official exchange rate of UBS and awarded points according to the rules on collecting.

No points are awarded for cash withdrawals with a credit card, credit card fees and TWINT payments.

Find out in two steps how many KeyClub points you can collect a year.

Redeeming points

Redeem points

KeyClub partners

Whether you're shopping, dining, traveling or enjoying your leisure time – these KeyClub partners will accept your points. One KeyClub point is worth one franc.


Redeem points online – in the eStore you can pay with electronic points or with your credit card. Take a look – some offers you will only find here.


Don't miss out – limited-time offers from KeyClub partners and discounts when you pay with KeyClub points.

Collect KeyClub points with UBS banking packages

Our banking packages contain everything that you need from your bank for making payments and saving money – including the UBS KeyClub bonus program.

In unseren Bankpaketen ist alles drin, was Sie in punkto Zahlen und Sparen von Ihrer Bank brauchen – inklusive Bonusprogramm UBS KeyClub. 
In unseren Bankpaketen ist alles drin, was Sie in punkto Zahlen und Sparen von Ihrer Bank brauchen – inklusive Bonusprogramm UBS KeyClub. 

Apply for the banking package by app and collect points

Open your banking package from the comfort of your home or in one of your branches. No appointment needed.

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More about KeyClub

Also benefit from the KeyClub newsletter and don't miss any special deals. We've put together for you a list of answers to frequently asked questions. And with the calculator you can figure out exactly how many points you will receive for which service.

Punkte einlösen

Frequently asked questions about KeyClub

Some questions we get asked more than others. To help you find an answer quickly, we've listed some frequently asked questions.

KeyClub newsletter

Keep up to date: In our newsletter you can find out more about our current offers and the latest about our partners.

Help: FAQ

Answers to your questions, tips and valuable information in connection with your banking transactions. You can handle many of your banking transactions simply and conveniently online.  

Advice and contact KeyClub

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Monday to Friday, 1.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Information on point balances, clarification regarding products that award points, participant numbers, statements, etc.