Staggering in detail


As soon as you have your pillar 3a assets paid out, these will progressively be taxed. That means: the higher the amount, the higher the tax rate. For tax purposes, it makes sense to stagger your withdrawal instead of taking out one great sum of money. To do so, open a few pillar 3a pension accounts with us. Then you can make withdrawals bit by bit before you retire. 

Sample calculation:

Assumption for sample calculation: a person has paid the maximum annual amount of CHF 6,768 into pillar 3a for 30 years, is single and of Roman Catholic denomination, has no dependent children and resides in Olten (the staggered withdrawal of retirement assets is not handled in the same way in all cantons, which may lead to no or reduced tax savings in some circumstances. Due to the withdrawal of other retirement assets (e.g. from pillar 2), pillar 3a assets should not be withdrawn at the time of retirement. This will prevent an increased tax burden.