Pillar 3a investment calculator

How can you optimize your retirement assets?

Your retirement assets should be invested differently depending on how many years you have left until you retire. Find out if your assets are ideally invested and what you can still optimize.

The values pertaining to the risk classes are reference values only and relate to a representative portfolio as opposed to specific individual investment products. Experience has shown, however, that well diversified collective investments comply with the values given. No guarantee can be given regarding future performance. In particular, the net return may be negative.

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Further information can be found in our retirement study.

It is only possible to analyze Pillar 3a assets without UBS Vitainvest Funds.

A new UBS study shows that pillar 3a assets should be invested differently depending on age. This is assuming there is a 90% certainty that no loss will arise when starting retirement at the age of 65. Have you invested correctly? The calculator helps you assess your situation and improve it.

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