The end-to-end service for your residential property

Buy, sell, maintain – and finance the smart way: through UBS, you can find the right partner for all your needs. And as a UBS client, you benefit from special conditions.

Discover the residential property network you can trust

Home ownership is fun, but also involves lots of work. That’s why we are working with partners to establish Switzerland’s leading network for residential property services. You can find experts from the construction and real estate industries, use tools, compare mortgages and obtain financial advice. More easily than ever before.

Your goals – our partnerships

Are you looking for your dream property?

Location, fit-out, price: you have a clear idea of what your dream property should look like. We will help you to find it. Use our digital, personalized services and take advantage of our contacts in the market.

Does your property need renovation or even a total refurbishment?

Sooner or later, every building needs work done on it: minor repairs and renovations come first. Until energy-efficiency measures eventually become necessary. Use practical tools to check what makes sense when. For each project, you can find certified tradespeople from your region – and financing.

How can you insure your residential property correctly?

Damage to real estate can soon add up. Some insurance policies are mandatory for property owners, others are not. How can you strike the balance between under- and overinsurance? Find the best insurance cover to suit you.

What is the best financing solution?

Obtain an overview of your options so that you can easily compare offers. Or request a personal consultation right away. Either way, there is no “one-fits-all” solution. Instead, we develop financing that perfectly matches your situation – and is tailored to your investments and pension planning.

Do you want to sell your home?

There are a lot of emotions involved when you decide to sell your home. That’s why some people take the sales process into their own hands. Others prefer to delegate it to professionals – or at least make the most of their expertise. No matter how you wish to proceed, we’ll make sure you get exactly the support you need.

Build on strong network partners

The 360-degree platform for your home

Discover the first open online platform for residential property in Switzerland.

Buy and sell residential property the smart way

Take advantage of practical services with exclusive special conditions for UBS clients.

Financial security for your family

Give yourself more financial leeway in the event of unforeseen events.

Switzerland’s leading real estate marketplace

Start your search for the right home.

Get an energy certificate quickly and digitally

Have an expert carry out an energy analysis for your property.

Personalized advice – we are there for you

We can assist you with all the financing issues relating to home ownership.