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General Terms and Conditions

Participation in KeyClub is open only to clients domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is not open to clients with the retained mail service. Participation in KeyClub entails no obligations of any kind. When clients register as participants, UBS can refuse the registration without giving reasons. UBS is entitled, at any time and without advance notice, to alter the conditions of participation, the calculation system, the products/services available, the choice of partner companies and their services, and to discontinue KeyClub.

Collecting points

The currently applicable rules for the collection of points are published on the Internet. Special rules on the collection of points apply to holders of a basic product (bundle). These special rules cease to apply once the basic product (bundle) is terminated. The standard point collection system comes into operation automatically and without advance notice once the basic product (bundle) is converted to a UBS personal account or savings account.

Bonus points

Once a minimum number of points has been reached, the bonus points collected are issued either physically as point checks or in electronic form. The minimum number of points required for issue is published on the Internet. The point checks are mailed to the participants at regular intervals together with their points statements. If special mailing instructions are given, UBS reserves the right not to send out such statements. Electronic points are credited to the participant's UBS KeyClub points account. Objections to the points statement must be received by UBS within 30 days of the statement reaching the participant. Bonus points lapse on the expiration date printed on the check or indicated in the KeyClub eStore and cannot be exchanged for KeyClub points with a later expiration date. They can be used only to acquire the rewards currently available (as set out in current KeyClub publications and on the KeyClub homepage). Checks cannot be exchanged for cash or replaced (for example, if lost).

Bonus points that cannot be paid out will be carried forward and will expire when the participant leaves KeyClub or is excluded from it.

Redeeming points

KeyClub points can be used to obtain services and products from UBS and its external reward partners. Special rules and restrictions may apply. Offers may be changed at any time and some offers are subject to limited availability. When obtaining rewards, participants enter into a contract with the respective providers alone. The redemption options applicable in each case are communicated on the Internet and in the latest KeyClub publications. UBS accepts no liability for the products or services acquired using point checks. All KeyClub points are transferable.

Further provisions

Participants may at any time inform UBS in writing that they no longer wish to participate in KeyClub. UBS can likewise exclude a participant from KeyClub and from receiving any more points, without giving any reason. UBS may also, in the event of (suspected) abuse, decline to issue points to a participant or issue a smaller number of points. In the event of KeyClub being discontinued, UBS will determine the procedure regarding the points already collected or issued at that point. If, when registering for KeyClub, participants communicate their UBS credit card numbers, they thereby authorize UBS to access the detailed client and turnover data relating to their UBS credit cards and store such data electronically together with any other data required for the calculation of their bonus points. Participants acknowledge and agree that the details provided when registering for KeyClub may be used for marketing purposes within the UBS group. The General Terms and Conditions of UBS also apply.

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