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Tropical Mountains produces gourmet coffee which appeals to every taste, with flavors from fruit to chocolate and plenty of crema.

Image: Tropical Mountains

On our small family farm in Peru, we believe that nature knows best. Everything we do is sustainable and organic. Our coffee trees grow under the tropical sun, well-protected by the shade of the native flora. And we never use chemicals, as they damage the surrounding ecosystem. Our beans are roasted slowly in Switzerland to bring out their best flavor. This ensures a more balanced, healthier cup of coffee. We sell a portion of our harvest in Nespresso-compatible, garden-compostable capsules. Our products are fully compostable thanks to our specially developed, innovative packaging.

The Swiss Thomas Schwegler and his Peruvian wife Gisella founded Tropical Mountains in 2006. They harvest their premium coffee from their own family farm in the western Andes of Peru. Through their nonprofit, Verein Tropical Mountains, they invest in the local village, and support schools and important community projects. Their sustainable production methods and entire value chain have been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization and the BIO label for the ecological agricultural methods employed by Tropical Mountains.

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