Leisure and travel Hotelcard – the half-price pass for hotels

With the Hotelcard, you can stay at over 660 hotels in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy for half the price.

Image: Hotelcard

From mountain hotels for hikers, popular winter resorts for sports fanatics to wellness oases for those who just want to relax, we have an endless range of hotels for you to choose from for your next trip. You only need one card to book a double room so why not bring your partner along too?

The benefits of the Hotelcard

  • Best-price guarantee at hundreds of top hotels in Switzerland and its neighboring countries.
  • Hotels of every star rating and at all tourist destinations.
  • Double-room booking possible with only one Hotelcard.
  • Use the Hotelcard as often as you like.
  • No obligation to purchase food and drink.
  • No minimum stay.

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