Shopping Fust – and it works.

Fust has more than 150 sales outlets in Switzerland and is the leading supplier of home appliances, entertainment devices and computers.

Image: Fust

More than any of its competitors, Fust helps you be sure of making the right decision. Competent sales personnel support you in choosing the right product, and all devices can be tested. You benefit from the five-day low-price guarantee and the 30-day right of exchange, even on shop display items. And because nobody likes paying for repairs, Fust offers inexpensive warranty extensions for practically all products. Fust can deliver all devices to your home and install them for you on request.

In its Kitchen / Bath / Renovation product area, too, several thousand kitchens and bathrooms are designed and built every year. And more than 30 construction managers oversee all types of renovation work or can even build a new home for you.

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