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Travel reliably worldwide with Europe's largest car rental firm

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Stay independent and mobile. Because with Europcar, Europe's biggest vehicle rental firm, you're not just hiring a reliable and exclusive vehicle – you also benefit from various additional services. Get in now and discover the world with Europcar.

How you can benefit:

As a UBS KeyClub member, you're sure to find your perfect vehicle at Europcar with an outstanding 15% discount both at home and abroad.

How and where: Reserve by phone on 0848 80 80 99, quoting the promotion code 80185074. Or simply reserve your car online at www.europcar.ch/en/creditcardpartners/ubs/keyclub. The discount is applied immediately.

Paper checks
When renting in Switzerland, you can pay for the entire cost of the rental with your points. When abroad, you can use a maximum of 100 points to pay for your car rental (1 point = 1 Swiss franc).

Please note:

  • Prepayment with KeyClub points is not possible.
  • For a total or partial payment with points, please select “pay at the station.”
  • Pay for the rental with your KeyClub points by handing them over at the Europcar counter.

Switch and benefit

Discover a range of top brands in the KeyClub eStore.
You can get your KeyClub points delivered to you electronically and spend them however you wish.

Switch to ePoints now: Log into e-banking, select “Assets” > “KeyClub” > change the payout mode to ePoints.