Up to 1.75% interest: investment plan, savings account or fixed-term deposit

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Special offers for investing and saving

UBS Investment Plan

Up to 1.75% interest on UBS Investment Plan

Invest monthly and benefit from an attractive interest rate, reduced fees and higher long-term potential returns.

  • Up to 1.75% interest on your savings account and exclusive promotions on UBS investment solutions 
  • Together we define your strategy and the optimal investment amount

UBS Savings Account extra

1.00% on UBS Savings Account extra

Set your savings aside with UBS for at least one year and benefit from an attractive fixed-interest rate.

  • Account maintenance free of charge
  • Facility to withdraw CHF 10,000 per calendar year

UBS Fixed-Term Deposit

Attractive interest rate on UBS Fixed-Term Deposits

Set your preferred amount aside for three to twelve months and lock in an attractive fixed-interest rate.

  • You benefit from a higher interest bonus when you bring new money to UBS
  • Your balance earns a fixed-interest rate for a fixed term

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