Receive and pay your bills digitally

E-bill is now called eBill – everything else stays the same. With eBill, you receive your bills directly in E-Banking or Mobile Banking. It takes only a few clicks to make the payment.

eBill at a glance


Check invoices individually or approve them automatically.


No more tedious manual typing of the account number, reference number and amount.


Automatic archiving of paid eBill invoices in the “UBS Safe”

Switch to eBill

  • Find out immediately if you have received a new eBill invoice. You can choose to be notified of this via push notification, SMS or email.
  • Free: you don’t pay any fees for eBill – either to the biller or to the bank.
  • Securely delivered: protected receipt of the bill in Digital Banking and guaranteed authenticity thanks to a digital signature.
  • Archived: the invoices are automatically stored in the UBS Safe – your digital safe deposit box, which you can access at any time in the App or via E-Banking.

eBill functions

Have companies add you to eBill automatically. These can be companies from whom you receive eBill invoices now or in future.

Manage your eBill invoices with users you trust while staying in control at all times.

Approve recurring invoices automatically – define criteria such as the maximum amount and much more yourself.

Once paid, store your eBill invoices automatically in UBS Safe – your digital safe deposit box, accessible at any time via Digital Banking.

Already have a UBS account?

Log on to E-Banking and sign up for eBill.

Don't have a UBS account yet?

Opening your banking package, including accounts, is easy with the app.

Here’s how payments work with eBill

You’ll find pending bills under “Payments > Pay bills > eBill invoices.” Under this tab, you can view all of your bills and pay them quickly and easily in just a couple of clicks.

To set up a standing approval for recurring payments, go to “Payments > eBill invoicing parties” and select Categories "activated eBill billers." You can then determine the maximum amount for each biller.

There are three ways to add new billers:

1. You can easily search for billers and add them under “Payments > eBill invoicing parties.”

2. Under “Payments > Pay bills,” you will see suggestions for billers whom you have already paid and can add to eBill. Sign up with just one click.

3. Go to "eBill settings” to specify whether you would like billers to be able to add you. This will save you having to register yourself.

You can define your notification settings for when you receive eBill invoices in your E-banking under “Settings > Mobile Banking > Notifications > Payments.” You can change these notifications.

Further information can be found at ebill.ch.