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Thanks to our services for payment transactions in Switzerland and abroad, you will always be in control of your finances.

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Digital payments

Digital Banking

Simple payments and standing orders via E-Banking, Mobile Banking or Multimat


View new bills immediately in Digital Banking for payment or filing


Scan & Pay QR-bills with UBS Mobile Banking, in UBS E-Banking or at a UBS Multimat.


Make payments simply and securely with your smartphone

Direct debit (LSV+)

Automated recurring payments

SEPA payments

Simple payments within the euro area

Foreign currency payments

Across the globe in over 120 different currencies

Paper-based payments

UBS easy and UBS easy international

Conveniently send payments with current payment slips and with QR-bill by letter to UBS.

UBS global and UBS individual orders

Simple payments without a payment slip

Bank check

Issue bank checks

Special standing orders

Automate recurring payments with ease

Digital payments


Request money easily with your smartphone

Direct debits (LSV+)

Receive payments regularly without delay

Paper-based payments

UBS payment slips

Issue bills easily with UBS BESR, UBS BESR Quick and red payment slip

Only available until 30 September 2022.

Encashment of checks

Encashment of checks for international payments

Find out more about payments

You can withdraw cash around the clock at a Bancomat. At a Bancomat Plus, it is not only possible to withdraw Swiss francs and euros; you can also pay money into your account. And you can take care of your banking transactions conveniently at a Multimat – without having to worry about bank opening hours or Internet access

The digitalization of the Swiss payment system has continued with the launch of the QR-bill on 30 June 2020. Following a transition phase of several years, red and orange payment slips will be permanently replaced by 30 September 2022.

What does this mean for me?

Track your international payments via E-Banking and get free, real-time information about the current status, fees and conversion rates. An increasing number of domestic payments can also be tracked here.

Order over 75 currencies conveniently to your door

You can find our price list and conditions in our services and prices brochure.

You have three options. If you opt for "OUR" you will bear all the costs as the principal. With "BEN", the beneficiary bears all the costs and with "SHA", you share the costs of order execution with the beneficiary.

Please note the cut-off times in our information sheet:

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