Save right for retirement.

Saving for retirement will make you happy.
Not necessarily now, but years later.

We know the time you spend planning for retirement isn't fun. But by saving for retirement now, you’ll have so much more to enjoy later.

UBS Retirement Savings Account

Plan for retirement with pillar 3a and save on your taxes.

Double your benefits with a pillar 3a account

Pillar 3a not only lets you save for old age, you can also use the savings to purchase a home. At the same time, you immediately save on your taxes by deducting the amount paid in from your taxable income when you file your tax return. In 2021, the maximum is CHF 6883 annually if you’re a member of a pension fund.

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Save right – systematically

  1. Make regular payments into pillar 3a, for example, with a monthly standing order. You set the amount.
  2. Once you have saved approximately CHF 50,000 in a retirement savings account, it pays to open another one. Later, you can close your accounts gradually – that is, in different years. This will allow you to save on taxes.
  3. The retirement investment horizon is long. An investment fund increases your chances of higher returns.

Pillar 3a tax calculator

How much tax can you save with a retirement savings account?

Pillar 3a is worth it – now and in the future

You can deduct payments made into your pillar 3a retirement account from your taxable income. Here's how to save on taxes today. Pillar 3a also gives you greater financial opportunities in the future:

  • Capital to buy a home
  • Greater financial security in old age
  • Opportunity to make flexible withdrawals in retirement
  • Seed capital for self-employment or plans to move abroad

How to save the maximum

The following maximum amounts apply in 2021:
For beneficiaries with a pension fund: CHF 6,883
Without a pension fund: CHF 34,416 (max. 20% of net income)

UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds

Optimize your pillar 3a pension capital with sustainable investment funds.

The sustainability megatrend

Sustainable investments are also financially attractive. Companies that do business sustainably are often distinguished by their ability to plan reliably and a long-term, strategic approach.

Invest sustainably in pillar 3a

UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds allow you to invest your pillar 3a savings in sustainable investment funds, where you can benefit from growth in the financial markets and the megatrend of sustainability. And at the same time, you do something good for society and the environment.


  • Long-term higher potential returns and different risk profiles
  • Free custody account management and no fees for purchases and sales in the custody account
  • Free transfer to your UBS custody account when you retire

Buy your home with retirement savings

What should you should bear in mind when financing your home with retirement savings?

Financing with pillar 3a

You can finance at most 80% of your home with a mortgage, at least 20% must be your own equity. You can use the assets in your pillar 3 account to do this.

Two types of financing

If you decide to finance your home using funds from pillar 3a, you have two options:

  • Advance withdrawal of capital from pillar 3a
  • Pledging of capital from pillar 3a

In the case of advance withdrawal, some of the existing savings in your pillar 3a account will be withdrawn. In the case of pledging, your pension money stays in the 3a account and serves as collateral for the lending bank. Which option is most advantageous depends on your overall financial situation.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on which type of pillar 3a withdrawal is the best option for you.