Paying less in taxes would be great, wouldn't it?

Have you already received your annual tax bill? Then you’ve probably found yourself wondering what you could afford to buy with all the money due in taxes. Taxes are a necessary evil. But there’s a

solution that can help make your tax bill much lower, year after year. This solution is called a ”pillar 3a retirement savings account“.

You can deduct the amounts you deposit into a 3a retirement account directly from your taxable income. This pays off for even small amounts, for example as little as 50 Swiss francs per month. In this way, you can quickly reduce your annual tax bill by a couple of hundred francs.

With a well-planned retirement account, you not only save on taxes, but also set money aside for yourself. We would like to show you ways you can save on taxes and benefit from other advantages.

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Keep more money for yourself with a smart pension plan

Year after year!

Every franc you pay into your pillar 3a can be deducted from your taxable income. No matter whether the amounts are large or small. The current legal maximum contribution is 6,826 francs per year for employees in a company pension fund. Working people without a pension fund can pay in 20% of their net income from employment up to a maximum of 34,128 francs a year. This reduces your taxes considerably - year after year - with the added benefit that you’re setting aside money for the future.

If you have several 3a retirement accounts and have your funds paid out in stages, you can save again on taxes. Because of the tax progression, you could save quite a bit!

Statements from our satisfied clients

  • My parents told me that I can start saving in my pillar 3a account with just 100 francs a month. I didn't know that. So I immediately opened a pillar 3a account.

  • I know that paying taxes makes sense. But I always wonder: why does it always have to be so much? Luckily, I now know how I can easily save on my taxes.

  • Every year when I get my tax bill I'm always amazed at how much I have to pay. Now I’m glad I’ve found out how I can change this.

  • I already have a pillar 3a account. But with another bank. It’s good to know that having several pillar 3a accounts pays off. It means you can stagger future withdrawals and save on taxes at the same time.

Could one of these statements apply to you too?

Find out if a 3a retirement savings account is worth your while – or if you already have an account, open another one.