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We have the right mortgage for your home. Use our mortgage comparison to get an overview of the mortgages on offer and find the best one for you.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Plan your expenses based on a fixed interest rate for the entire mortgage term.

Libor Mortgage

Flexible interest rates and a guaranteed free switch to a fixed-rate mortgage at any time.

Building Financing

Whether you want a building loan, a mortgage, or a combination of the two – we have a solution for your construction project.


Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Libor Mortgage

Building Financing


You appreciate the planning certainty of a stable interest rate, and want to protect yourself against rising rates.

You enjoy having financial flexibility and are willing to accept fluctuating interest rates in order to take advantage of interest rate reductions.

You have the choice of a building loan or a mortgage to finance your construction project.

Interest rate

Fixed for the entire term

Variable with fixed interest periods of 3 or 6 months

Building loan:
Variable interest rate
0.25% credit commission per quarter

Fixed or variable interest rate
No credit commission


2 – 10 years

3 years

Fixed or open-ended contract term – depending on the financing

Interest rate adjustment


Depends on the fixed interest period selected

Depends on the financing selected


Possible at any time – you can even fix the interest rate up to 12 months in advance

Possible at any time

Available before, during, or on completion of the construction work

Building loan:
Flexible within the credit limits of your building account


Can be contractually agreed

Can be contractually agreed

Repayments can be contractually agreed

Building loan:
You are exempt from repayments during the construction period

Special offers

Special offers for first-time home buyers, home renovations, and energy-efficient and sustainable construction.

Mortgage Overdraft Facility

Learn about the UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to spending on your own home.