Travel Insurance Plus Enjoy carefree holidays

Travel Insurance Plus gives you personal insurance cover when traveling. Wherever you're going, this supplementary insurance package means you can relax and travel safely. Travel Insurance Plus also covers your family and your luggage.

Travel Insurance Plus at a glance

  • Valid worldwide for you and your family
  • Covers travel cancellation/interruption, medical costs abroad, luggage, delayed flights and goods bought on vacation
  • Only CHF 72 a year
  • Free to holders of a UBS Platinum Card. 

Travel Insurance Plus in detail

Find out more about the details and conditions of UBS Travel Insurance Plus.

Travel Insurance Plus covers:

  • The main card holder
  • Spouse or partner living in the same household
  • Children living in the same household until the age of 25 
  • Insurance cover is generally valid worldwide.
  • Cover is valid whether or not payment is made using your UBS Credit Card.

You have to cancel your trip due to an insured event, arrive too late or have to break off your vacation unexpectedly. Travel Insurance Plus will reimburse you for your travel costs.

If you unexpectedly need to obtain medication, see a physician, or go to hospital when traveling abroad, Travel Insurance Plus will cover the costs.

If the items you take with you are stolen, damaged or destroyed, Travel Insurance Plus luggage cover compensates you for the financial loss.

If your luggage is delivered more than six hours late, Travel Insurance Plus will cover the cost of replacements.

If you miss your connecting flight because your first flight was delayed by more than six hours, UBS Travel Insurance Plus will cover the additional expense involved.

If the shopping you bought at home or while traveling is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, and  you paid for the goods using your UBS Credit Card, they're insured for 24 hours while being transported.


Apply for Travel Insurance Plus online

Apply for Travel Insurance Plus directly in e-banking or complete the application for Travel Insurance Plus online.